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“The rum fits is an old coin of phrase used by sailors to describe the effects of heavy booze withdrawal. A Rum Fit Mosey is one’s ability to sing and dance their way out of it...” Trevor J. Lapointe 

RUM FIT MOSEY is comprised of Toronto based singer-songwriter Trevor James Lapointe, as well as select players for live and studio performances.

Trevor grew up in the suburbs of Ottawa’s West end where reaching for a musical instrument instead of a hockey stick was more the exception than the rule. Like many young Canadian musicians, Lapointe was always bouncing around trying to find vacant space to hide in and make enough noise to get through another Ottawa winter. Learning of his infinity for the craft of song writing relatively young, Lapointe sought out other weirdos with the same obsession and played in all kinds of bands throughout his teens. This is where he would meet his long time bassist Tyson Hiseler and many other like-minded musicians who he still shares stages with today.

His entire family being very musical, Lapointe learned guitar by paying close attention to his older brothers and his dad as regular jam sessions we not uncommon in their household. He recounts learning other people’s songs and having used this as, “an early vehicle to self-discovery”. Countless cover songs were played to death over the years, paying homage such greats as; Roy Orbison, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Paul McCartney, Kris Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings and so on. These are just a few of the household names that would get him started. It was not long before the would-be troubadour tried his hand at creating songs of his own. Entering an 8th grade talent show where most kids were covering Green Day and Nirvana tunes, Lapointe recalls the very first song he ever composed and played live entitled, Tough Road - a lamentation of unrequited love at the tender age of thirteen.

His bleeding heart, that to this day sits messy on his sleeve, is the first thing listeners notice when hearing the man’s music. Having tasted some mild success in his first band The Architects with their hit song Devil’s Lie, Lapointe knew without a shadow of a doubt what he wanted to be when he grew up. Much to his dismay the band was not mature enough to stay the course, and broke up soon after the release of their first and only record, This is About You; a tribute to their most loyal fans in hometown Ottawa.

Trevor James & The Perfect Gentlemen would be his next big venture. Pop Culture Records / Maple Music released their debut self-titled LP in 2008. Endless tours coast to coast left Lapointe tired, broke and broken. Dark love affairs with alcohol and other party indulgences were taking their toll. It was then that he almost decided to call it quits. It was only after hitting a new type of low - one that he himself describes as the worst time in his life - that the artist found his way out of the darkness and into a new version of himself. “My father was on his death bed, my partner of many years had left, friendships had fallen apart, and I was finally faced with what it means to be utterly, painfully, truly alone. I had to do something”

RUM FIT MOSEY finally came to be. It is this passionately fearless songwriter’s latest incarnation and brings with it a loyal fan base, watching closely as this relentless storyteller continues to try and realize his true potential as the songwriter he is and always will be.

Former notable bands - Trevor James & The Perfect Gentlemen, Travel By Owl, The Architects